my wall

logan the first

charcoal on Rives paper | 13 x 17 Logan is the first born (and tallest) of all my cousins. When we were little he was the ruler of all our box kingdoms and Yuh-Gi-Oh! games, so I decided the king’s crown would be a fitting for him! —


charcoal on Rives paper | 14 x 17 I finished this portrait of my cousin Max just in time for his 16th birthday! He plays football so naturally, I had to dress him as a knight, complete with medieval shoulder pads. —

avalon of the embers

charcoal on Rives paper | 14 x 17 The incredible thing about drawing someone you’ve known most of your life is that you don’t even have to look at the photo to know if you’re getting it right. My art teachers always say draw what you see, not what you know, but when you draw someone … Continue reading avalon of the embers

princess kiana

charcoal on Rives paper | 16 x 18 Every illustrator knows that a silhouette is one of the most crucial aspects of character design, and never is that more applicable to classical art when you’re doing a portrait in profile. It’s one thing to get the eyes to look right, or the space between the jaw … Continue reading princess kiana

katherine (self-portrait with a mask)

charcoal on Rives paper | 16 x 18 There are things you never notice about yourself until you do a detailed self-portrait. Even though half of my face is covered, I still learned things: namely that I have two dimples right on the tip of my nose and they’re now my favorite part of my face. … Continue reading katherine (self-portrait with a mask)

julian charles

charcoal on Rives paper | 16 x 18 This is a portrait of my friend Julian—a wicked artist in his own right and the very best pen pal I could ask for. I had to travel all the way to D.C. to get the picture taken for this one. Miss you! —